This virtual exhibition platform is an initiative of the Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art.

Its first exhibition, Spanish Art in County Durham, launched 7 December 2022, was curated by Andy Beresford and Claudia Hopkins (Durham University). They worked with a team of doctoral students (Stephanie Bernard, Richard Jacques, Patricia Manzano Rodríguez, Irini Picolou) and research fellows (Piers Baker-Bates, Xanthe Brooke), who contributed to the commentaries on the artworks selected for the exhibition.  James Wood and Gary Robson at Curious12 designed the exhibition platform in consultation with the curators.

The exhibition contains detailed records and images of around 50 Spanish artworks from County Durham’s collections at The Bowes Museum, Durham University, The Spanish Gallery, Auckland Castle, Raby Castle, Durham Cathedral, and Ushaw College. These collections of Spanish art are comparatively neglected and deserve to be better known. The aim of the exhibition is

  • to provide free access to reliable information about Spanish artworks in County Durham,
  • to advance greater understanding of Spanish art through thematic displays,
  • to bring Spanish art in County Durham to greater public attention
  • to encourage viewers to visit the institutions where the artworks are held,
  • to stimulate further research on Spanish art in County Durham.

Funding for this exhibition was provided by Durham University and the Spanish Embassy in London. Additional thanks and acknowledgements are due to the curators and museum staff who provided the majority of the digital images and essential information on the artworks in their collections.

The digital images of artworks shown in this exhibition belong to the relevant gallery or museum, who retain the copyright of the images.

The works by Salvador Dalí are reproduced with permission by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí and DACS.

The intellectual rights of the commentaries belong to Durham University and the individual authors.